8.0" Ultra Low Distortion Passive Radiator

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DKK 995.00 VAT Excluded

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  • Type
  • Size
  • Cone material
  • Maximum mechanical excursion, Xmax
  • Mass Plug thread size
  • Resonance frequency, fs
  • Mechanical Q factor, Qms
  • Equivalent volume, Vas
  • Effective piston area, Sd
  • Effective piston diameter, D
  • Moving mass, Mms
  • Suspension compliance, Cms
  • Basket diameter
  • Cutout diameter
  • Mounting hole pattern diameter
  • Mounting hole diameter
  • Outer flange height
  • Build-in depth
  • Weight

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The 8.0” passive radiator incorporates the easily recognizable PURIFI NeutralSurround suspension in order to eliminate Surround Radiation Distortion. With its low-distortion properties, long linear stroke and option for adding mass, the driver is eminently suited as a companion to the PTT8.0X drivers especially in compact speaker construction where a traditional reflex port would limit the performance.

The PTT8.0PR-NA2-01 features:

  • Vibroacoustic optimized cone and dust cap in black anodized aluminum
  • PURIFI Neutral Surround eliminates Surround Radiation Distortion (SRD)
  • 15mm one-way peak excursion with constant Sd
  • Mass Plug with M6 thread for adding extra mass
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark


General Specifications
Type Passive Radiator
Size 8in
Cone material Black Anodized Aluminum
Maximum mechanical excursion, Xmax ±15.0mm
Mass Plug thread size M6
Thiele/Small Paramters
Resonance frequency, fs 14Hz
Mechanical Q factor, Qms 9.4
Equivalent volume, Vas 73.0L
Effective piston area, Sd 235.1cm2
Effective piston diameter, D 17.3cm
Moving mass, Mms 132.0g
Suspension compliance, Cms 0.93mm/N
Physical Dimensions
Basket diameter 221mm
Cutout diameter 193mm
Mounting hole pattern diameter 210mm
Mounting hole diameter 5.2mm
Outer flange height 5.0mm
Build-in depth 62.5mm
Weight 0.50kg